About Andrea

Andrea Holding CameraI have loved being around birth and pregnant women for most of my adult life. After more than a dozen years of teaching childbirth classes and attending births as a doula, I discovered photography – and a new passion. I have spent years learning how to best use my camera, and how to handle the tricky lighting situations that are common at births. Once I mastered how the camera works, blending my love of birth with my love of photography has been a natural fit. I am very comfortable with birth in any setting and have attended births in homes, birth centers, and hospitals for many years.

Since I feel births go more smoothly if we are not strangers….. here are 10 random things about me:

1. I was an incredibly shy child. I don’t remember a single friend from elementary school. I *lived* with my nose in books. I grew out of it (for the most part) pretty suddenly when I was about 12. Then I became a motor mouth. Now I have a much better balance.
2. I used to get in trouble all the time because I was still up reading when my dad would get up for work in the morning.
3. I’m the only redheaded child in my family – 7 kids. My siblings don’t look anything like me, and I was once asked if my brother was my husband.
4. Sometimes I’m amazed that the shy kid I once was now talks publicly about breasts and birth canals for a living.
5. I have not worn makeup since my wedding 20 years ago, and that was a rare occurrence.
6. I love to travel by myself, and have gone to San Francisco/Monterrey, Atlanta, Denver, Boston, Vancouver BC, Phoenix, Seattle and Milwaukee all by myself.
7. I love to learn and to teach. LOVE it. Seeing the light bulb go on in someones eyes is amazing.
8. I’m taller than my husband by about 4 inches. I always said I would never date someone shorter than me, but I somehow didn’t notice until a few weeks before we got engaged – and then only when my roommate pointed it out to me.
9. The time I remember meeting my husband is NOT the same time he remembers meeting me. There were at least 2 (maybe 3) times we met before that I remember the event, but I have no memories of him from those events…
10. My parents ALMOST named me “Fairchild” – they were hippies, it was the early 70s….I am relieved they didn’t!

I would be honored if you would invite me to be a part of your birthing experience.


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