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Birth Story Book Order Form

If you’ve ordered the Birth Experience package, it comes with a birth story book. In this book, I will combine my notes from our birth with the images from your labor and birth. If you have also done a maternity or newborn session with me, those photos will be included as well. Birth story books include up to 30 pages, I will design the book to be as many pages as it takes to tell the story well.

Once you’ve chosen your cover and storytelling preferences, please fill out the form below to ensure all information in the book is correct. It is not unusual for the final birth certificate name, time of birth or weight to be different than I write down at the birth. I have even taken a photo of the baby on the scale where the scale reads one weight and the parents were told another, 4 ounces more! So filling out this form will help ensure that everything you have in your book is correct. Thanks!

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