Elevate Birth Photography Image Competition

Happy to announce that my image “Light Up My Life” was a semifinalist in the Elevate Birth Photography Image Competition!

Mom smiling at baby after giving birth

The Elevate Birth Photography competition is a unique contest for birth photographers. It is the first to incorporate a strict judging rubric, to use peer birth photographers as judges instead of a popularity contest or celebrity judging, and all entries received detailed scores on their image. The final round of images was judged in a live event at the Off Call conference in Florida, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching and hearing the comments from the judges on the images that made it to that point. If you’d like to see that for yourself, there is a video at the link below. I’m already looking forward to entering again!

If you’d like to check out all the winners and entries, see the final round of live judging, or watch the awards ceremony, please visit the official website of the Elevate contest


Off Call is Almost Here!

Two weeks from today I will be leaving for the second ever Off Call Birth Photography Conference in Clearwater Beach, FL. To say I am excited is probably an understatement. I have been to LOTS of conferences in my day, but there is simply nothing like Off Call. It’s unique to birth photography, and is designed to be both an educational conference and a chance to be able to relax and enjoy being Off Call.

Take a peek at what people are saying about last year’s conference:

Know When to GoIt’s a small conference, which means you’ll easily be able to network and get to know people without feeling overwhelmed. It’s for all skill levels, from the “Big Names” with lots of experience to some who are just starting out. You’ll learn about business, about marketing, about photography, about how to make this job work for you and your family, and about birth itself. And the conference is ON THE BEACH. In February.

I will be presenting there, my topic will be “Know When to Go: Understanding Progress in Labor” and it will be be a fun, interactive class. I can promise you playdoh, games, and drama as you learn. (Watch the video above for a teeny sample of what you might see…) I hope you’ll be able to join me in Florida!

But if seeing me isn’t enough, there are classes from Leilani Rodgers, Elizabeth Boyce, Twyla Jones, Ceci Massa, Emily Robinson, Laura Eckert, Amanda McGhee, Neely Ker-Fox, and so many others!

But if you can’t pull off a trip to Florida, what you CAN do is join us online! With your online conference ticket, you get 6 months of streaming access to my class, and the other amazing classes! (Sorry, late night pool parties not included.) (But they are awesome, so you should come.) Just click on the banner below to buy your ticket today!