Fresh 48 Session Information


Fresh 48 Sessions work best when worked out in advance. Most clients book their Fresh 48 during the third trimester, though it never hurts to snag a spot on my calendar early as I sometimes book up!

When to call

Please let me know by text or phone call when any one of these happens:

  • You schedule an induction or cesarean birth
  • You go to your place of birth (hospital or birth center) or have your midwife come to your home for a home birth
  • Your baby is born

Once your baby is here, we will work out a time during daylight hours when I can come to you for a session. Generally this is within 48 hours (which is why they are called “Fresh 48”) but when there is extenuating circumstances like a NICU stay we just do the session as soon as possible.

Before the session

Throw away any garbage and clear up any clutter in the room.

Parents should wear solid neutral colors whenever possible. Choose and pack an outfit that works in your hospital or birth center bag, or set aside something at home so you know in advance there will be something clean that works. If you don’t want the baby in the hospital clothing and blankets, have a simple outfit and coordinating solid color blanket for the baby. Hats are optional, but if you’d like to do one, please know that most infant hats are WAY too large for a teeny newborn.

During the session

If baby needs to take a break to feed, we can do that. If staff needs to take a minute to do vital signs, etc. we can do that. But sessions are not unlimited in length so please keep other visitors away during this time. This session is for the baby, baby’s parents, and baby’s siblings ONLY. We will likely start with the baby and siblings and move from there into other groupings.


Choose the package that works best for you. Birth announcements and other products are available as add-ons and pricing for these a la carte products can be found here.

The Extravagance

1-2 hour session
25 birth announcements
USB with all gallery images
20% off all a la carte items

The Experience

60-90 minute session
10 downloadable images


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