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Maternity Mini Session Instructions

Because maternity mini sessions are so quick, there will be fewer options than a full maternity session. There won’t be time for changes of clothing, fabric wraps, or props. Just you and the beautiful colors of nature.

Clothing choice:

Form fitting clothing that shows off your belly
Solids or smallish patterns. Avoid anything with words on it or larger patterns, and make sure you won’t clash with the fall colors.
Low waist jeans with a button up shirt
Wrap style tops
Tank top with built in bra
I don’t recommend skirts or dresses because they’ll leave your legs exposed to bugs and we will be out in “the wild”.
For more ideas, check out my Pinterest Board for what to wear to a maternity session.

Makeup should be natural and what you would normally wear on a daily basis. Avoid the temptation to do extra makeup, as it often ends up looking too dark.

Since your hands may be in the photo, make sure your nails are neat and well-groomed. Chipped nail polish can really stand out in a photo.

Shoes should be comfortable and appropriate to the location. We’ll be outside up the canyon, so sturdy shoes and long pants will be a good idea. Bug repellent is recommended as well.


Bring with you:

Stuff to touch up hair and makeup if needed, but know that this means less shooting time.

If you would like to have some bare belly shots, be sure to wear loose clothing for an hour or more before the session to avoid any imprint from elastic. And use bug repellant on your belly!

I look forward to seeing you for your session!