June’s Birth | Salt Lake City Home Birth Photography

What a joy is was to attend the birth of little June. She is a much loved, much anticipated addition to a great family. Thank you for inviting me to share in your day!

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  1. These are beautiful memories you documented for this family! Love how the older siblings were involved!

  2. sooooo beautiful! awe, these make my ovaries ache!!! you are amazing! from one CMer to another! :):)

  3. I am the birthing woman in these photos. I felt the need to stop by and make a comment on these photos myself. The memory of this day is deep within my heart as I am making party plans for our little June’s first birthday! Words cannot express the treasure that these photos are to me. The experience of birth is a very internal one for the birthing mother. As she labors and and brings her baby into the world that of which is around her tends to melt away. These photos have been a gift to me as they have provided me with the ability to see a fuller picture (no pun intended!) of my birth. I am proud of myself for having done the work to bring my baby into the world even though there were many moments that we physically and emotionally challenging for me. Because of these photos I can see another reason to be proud of myself too. In coming from a place that was deficit in love and affection I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF for the love that I have attracted and created in my life. All of those years of pouring love in to my older children worked – look how loving they are! Picking a good man worked! Seeking empowering and loving professional care worked! It is plain in these pictures that I am now surrounded in love and support. I am not sure if I would have been able to enjoy this feeling without having these wonderful photos to look at. It has been very healing for me. I am so excited to celebrate my baby June in a few days and very grateful that Andrea shared her loving presence and talents at June’s birthing.

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