Cesarean Birth Photography Shot List

The Shot List: Cesarean Birth

Cesarean births are just as much about the story as any other birth, but there are definitely things that are different and trickier than shooting a vaginal birth. Below is a shot list that can help you with ideas on what you can still shoot with a cesarean birth. You don’t want to leave out any important elements of the story for the parents. This handy shot list can help you make sure you cover the important things. It is not always possible to get every shot on the list, nor will all of these be applicable for every birth. But these ideas are a great place to start. Don’t forget to experiment with different angles, approaches, focal lengths, etc. to make the story really come alive.

If you’d like more information on shooting cesarean births, please read my article on what you can expect in the OR.

This is the last in my series, don’t miss my shot lists for home births, hospital births, and birth centers!

Cesarean Birth Photography Shot List

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