Other LR Presets for Birth Photography

In my last post on Lightroom, I talked about develop presets, the most commonly known kind of preset. But there are several other kinds of presets as well, they can be every bit as useful!

Metadata presets You can set these up and save them in the import dialog box. They allow you to add your name, copyright information and contact information to images as you import them to Lightroom. I have set up two: one for business images and one for personal images.

Local Adjustment Presets These presets can be loaded and used with the brush, the graduated filter or the radial filter. I use these for things like softening skin, selectively sharpening eyes, deepening blue skies, reducing redness, etc. I even made one for fixing my kids skin tones in shots from my underwater camera!

Watermark presets You can use Lightroom to watermark your photos on export, either with text or with an image. You can save these watermark settings as a preset to save the time it would take to recreate it each time. I pretty much use the same one every time, but some people have presets for their watermark in different places, like “WM Bottom Left” “WM Bottom Right” “WM Center” etc.

Export Presets You can save a collection of settings to do on export as a preset as well. For example, I have a preset for posting to my blog that resizes to 850 pixels on the long size, sharpens for screen, adds my watermark, and saves to a folder called “MaternalFocusBlog”. Simplifies exporting for my blog. I have another for print use that has no resizing and saves to a folder I choose or create at the time of export.

Print module presets The Print Module can make collages or packages of one image multiple times on one page. (Think of the old style “sheets” that might have two 5X7s and a few wallets on one page.) There are some presets already saved there, but you can create your own or find many of these online. I love using these kind of presets to make collages for my blog, particularly when I want to display vertical images in my mostly horizontal galleries. Here’s one example:

These are SO simple to use. Just open the preset, drag and drop your images, then choose “Print to File”!

Please don’t forget that these other kinds of presets can really make a positive impact on your workflow, and take the time to figure out how to best use them to your advantage.

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