March Creativity Project: Phone Painting

So my LensBaby project for 2013 is over now, and I’ve been looking for another creativity project to keep me thinking and learning. A friend of mine, Caroline Jensen, got me interested in using my phone to create painterly images. I played around with it in February, and decided to do one a day in the month of March. It started out as loads of fun, but got harder and harder to do as the month went on. I did finish the month, and I definitely stretched myself creatively in how I shot and edited, but I don’t think I’ll push myself to do it daily any more. No foolin’ every single one of these photos was taken and edited on my phone. No big camera involved! Some of my favorites from this month:

Apps I used in editing and painting:

Filterstorm Nueve
Tangled FX
Distressed FX

Most of my edits used more than one program. Here’s one example. The image as my camera took it: (No idea why it is displaying here upside down from the others…)


Edited in PicTapGo to bring out some color:


Added a light leak in Mextures:


And finally used the Glaze App to paint:


by Andrea Lythgoe